Natalia Somova – well-known modern Russian artist. She is working in different directions, as avanguard as and traditional. Amazes with a variety of ideas and styles. Natalia Somova created the sceneries for many performances in the theatres by Moscow, Russia and abroad. She appears numerous exhibitions in Russia and abroad. In this moment she secures the position of main artist, and also stage director in the “Theater “Playwright and Director Centre A. Kazantsev” in Moscow. 



1965 Moscow State College of Arts 1905 year.

1971 Moscow State Surikov Institute of Fine Arts. Teachers D. Gilinski, V. Rindin, M. Kurilko, M. Pogarskaia.

1974 Member of the Artists Union of Russia.

1968-1971 Moscow. Russian Youth Theatre. Stenographer.

1972-1974  Moscow. Central TV. Stenographer.

1980 Moscow. Mossoveta Theater. Stenographer and assistant director.

1982-1983 Latvia. Riga. Russian Drama Theater. Stenographer, assistant director.

1984 Latvia. Riga. Latvian Youth Theatre. Stenographer, assistant director.

1993 Russia. Moscow. Theatre “Modern”. Stenographer.

1995 Russia. Murmansk. Drama Theater. Stenographer.

1997 Russia. Tomsk. Drama Theater. Stenographer.

2000 Russia. Moscow. Drama Theater. Stenographer.

1998 -2011 Russia. Moscow. Theater CDR. Main Artist and Director.


1968 Constant participant of Moscow and Russian Exhibitions.

1980 Moscow. International Women Artists. House of Artists.

1985-1987 Moscow. All Union Exhibition of cinema, theater and TV artist. Manege. Central House of Artists.

1996 Austria. Kuvshtain. Exhibition Russian’s artists.

1998 Moscow. Exhibition Theater artists. Small Manege.

2003 France. Cherbourg. L’association “Academie Normandie-Moskva”.

 Personal Exhibitions:

1989, 1991, 1993, 1996, 1998 Moscow. Central House of Artists.

1991 Moscow. Central House of Actors.

1994 Portugal. Madeira Funshal.

1995 Japan. Tokyo. Kochi-city.

1996 Japan. Kochi-city. Takamatsy-city.

1997 Japan. Kanadzava- city.

1998 Japan. Tokyo.

1999, 2000 Italy. Hotel “Perla Magestic”.

2004-2005 Moscow. Central House of Artists.

2007 Shelicovo. Theater center.

2011-2012 Moscow. Manege. International exhibition “Traditions and modernity”

 2013Moscow. Central House of Actors. International exhibition “Traditions and modernity”


2011 Moscow. Theater “Center of drama and directing”. Performance - “Peer Gynt” by Henrik Ibsen

Stage director and stenographer.

1998-2011 Playwright and Director Center. Main artist and director.



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